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A one-of-a-kind studio

We are an art laboratory specializing in the design of unique furniture and conservation of works of art, led by Agnieszka Śniadewicz-Świca. Great professionals, experienced craftsmen, designers and art historians constitute the core of Square Drop. Thanks to our cooperation with antique dealers from all over the world, we offer original furniture, thoroughly selected by experts. Each item we offer tells a story because we believe that the emotional element, high quality, durability and individual character of the designs are an expression of care for our planet.

Original collections & collaborations

We use our knowledge about art gained at antiques markets to create new furniture forms that possess the characteristics of collectors items. Future antiques, high-quality, exclusive, signed pieces, handmade to individual order from top quality materials that develop a natural patina over time. The idea behind Square Drop is to express personality through objects.

Dark furniture from the Oddity collection

Unique items

Square Drop, a fine art conservation lab, is a company with family traditions. We use the experience, we have gained over the years, to carry out conservation works. Using our history of art knowledge, as well as, many international contacts we conduct profound market explorations in search for unique furnitures from around the world.

19th century Japanese pharmacy chest of drawers

Furniture & works of art

Renovating furniture and works of art, restoring the spirit of historic objects and family heirlooms, is at the core of Square Drop's business. With great care, we restore valuable, historic items, as well as furniture that are simply important to their owners. We know that with both the market and emotional value of objects, it is important to preserve the natural patina and traces of their history.

Restored piece of furniture

Original design

We create unique furniture to show beauty in difference. Our collections, unlike factory production, are reflections of creative personalities. They function as a "square drop" in the interior, being a jewellery addition to the décor, to which they give a unique elegance and atmosphere. A prime example is the "Oddity" collection designed by Kosmos Project, which is a reference to both history and the present.

Furniture from the Oddity collection
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2021 Winner
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At Square Drop, we renovate vintage items to give them another life. We approach renovation work with the utmost care. Conservation is always preceded by a substantive analysis and often also by conservation documentation. We restore the shine to objects with history. Thanks to our experience in the conservation of furniture, fabrics, metals and paintings, we receive antique trunks from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Moynat. We reconstruct them with care to preserve their historical and sentimental value.


My name is Agnieszka Śniadewicz-Świca, I am the owner of the Square Drop, fine art Conservation Lab. The idea behind Square Drop is to express personality through objects. Each project is a challenge with a high emotional value for us. We think outside the box so that the works created in Square Drop can go down in history.

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Agnieszka Śniadewicz-Świca

Bring your ideas to life

We cooperate with well-known Polish designers (Pani Jurek, Kosmos Project, UAU Project). Also, we work and implement the creative ideas of our clients, helping them to make their projects come true.

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