Essence of the classics

Louis XVI bure­au, Denmark 1780

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Calmness of scandinavian pastels

Hand pain­ted Gustavian, XVIII cen­tu­ry

Not only minimalism

Hans J. Wegner, table AT-309, Denmark 1952

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Metal, more than industrial

metal safe, Denmark, XIX cen­tu­ry

Inspiring colors of the Orient

Chinese cabi­net, Shanxi, XVIII cen­tu­ry

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SQUARE DROP reflects the love for ART defined as showing you as an artist. According to Joseph Beuys’s statement that „Jeder Mensch its ein Künstler’, everyone is an artist, we want to release subconscious sources of creation.

We believe that it shouldn’t be FASHION that is our goal but expressing YOU as an individual. Do not follow, CREATE…

We choose all the pieces to give you an opportunity to create your place in the way that really reflects you.. Find yourself and your inspirations in our spectrum of high quality items.

Square Drop, furniture with distinction..

We carry out our own artistic projects. We invite you to try out your own creativity and with our help design your own piece of furniture. We will then turn it into reality.
We cooperate with carpenters, upholsterers and craftsmen who make sure of the quality and finish of our furniture,
We do care about the details which make the piece of furniture complete.