Sofa, Wilhelm Kimbel

Mainz, Germany, 19th C.

A German, late Empire sofa, attri­bu­ted to Wilhelm Kimbel (1786-1869), dated cir­ca 1830.
Sofa was made by well known cabi­net­ma­ker Wilhelm Kimbel (1786-1869) in a fur­ni­tu­re fac­to­ry in Mainz, Southern Germany.
Kimbel often deco­ra­ted fur­ni­tu­re with solid wood sculp­tu­ral forms. Here, the inte­re­sting deco­ra­ti­ve ele­ments, are carved eagles, the wings of which trans­form into the deco­ra­tion of the arm­re­sts.
This type of fur­ni­tu­re appe­ars as ADLER CANAPÉ in Graphic note­bo­oks for which dra­wings were made by Wilhelm Kimbel.
The sofa is in maho­ga­ny, fini­shed with bee-wax and uphol­ste­red with natu­ral linen. It is ful­ly resto­red with keeping its natu­ral pati­na and charm. The fabric is given also from the back­si­de to make it fre­estan­ding.

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