Bench made of exotic wood – Square Drop

Bench made of exotic wood

Bench made out of upcycled wood from an old 19th/20th colonial table. A piece of furniture with naturally preserved patina, protected only with wax, without any interference in the woodcarving.

Square Drop’s project, created with elements of old, incomplete furnitures, in accordance with the idea of the studio to create new forms with visible traces of history. Vintage wood gains new life in form of upcycled furniture.

Exotic wood with a seat upholstered with natural, hand woven fabric. Upholstery fabric made in the In Weave Studio.
The seat on the frame, unattached to the base, allows easy replacement.

Price:  1 028.40

Dimensions: H: 56 cm / W: 88 cm / D: 59 cm
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