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Kissing chair

A unique piece of confident (French), kissing chair furniture, also called vis-à-vis or tête-à-tête, a double S-shaped armchair (sofa) with two seats separated by handrails, which allows two people to carry on a conversation without turning their heads. The furniture originated in France in the 18th century and spread throughout Europe in the 19th century. The confidante usually stood in the middle of the living room.
The furniture available at Square Drop most likely comes from northern Italy or southern Germany. Made of walnut wood with red gilt. Grotesque furniture with motifs of faun heads in the legs transiting into the backrest, the furniture’s legs ending with floral motifs resembling hooves. On the back there are putt faces.
Furniture before restoration with preserved patina, seat upholstered with cotton.

Price:  3 474.80

Dimensions: H: 76 cm / W: 115 cm / D: 60 cm
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