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Meditation table

Project: Bartek Śliwa

At Square Drop, we are open to our clients’ creativity and ideas. This is how this oak meditation table was created.

The aim of Buddhist meditation is to free the mind from ignorance and disturbing feelings. The basis of this practice is the view: in order for power to develop, we must be aware of how our mind functions. To truly meditate, favorable conditions are needed. We’re not just talking about seclusion or being cut off from distractions.

The practice also requires the right artifacts. The meditation table has been used by monks as well as individual practitioners for centuries. It is used as a support for meditation texts and artifacts used during practice sessions. Bartek Śliwa designed the table blending traditional Tibetan and Japanese temple furniture styles and his own experience in fine woodworking. He relied on Square Drop in choice of woods and craftsmanship.

The furniture’s base, chest and legs, are made of oak, while the drawers fronts are made of Peltogyne wood. The most ornamental element of the table is the inlay in the top, depicting the so-called eternity knot. Made of both Iroko and Peltogyne wood, with extreme accuracy and precision, by the craftsmen of the Square Drop.


Origin: PolandMaterial: oak, iroko, peltogyneDimensions: H: 40 cm / W.: 70 cm / D.: 30 cm
Availability: On demand
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