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Mirror Goldglobe P55 Mirrors

The Goldglobe mirror is the result of a fascination with classic mirrors, which were convex before the invention of the flat glass production method in the 16th century. These mirrors were characterized by panoramic and distorted reflection, which gave them a unique character. The convex surface of the mirrors not only offered a wider viewing angle, but also created unique, distorted images that fascinated the artists and craftsmen of the time.
The Goldglobe Mirror derives form this tradition, combining historical inspirations with modern design. Its convex form resembles old mirrors, while giving an elegant chatacter thanks to the use of gold leaf. The panoramic reflection effect adds a distinctive character and depth to the interior, making the space appear larger and more open.

Technique: Handmade in gilding technique using 23.75 carat gold flakes from the Florentine forge of Giusto Manetti Battiloro on 5 mm thick float glass. The back of the mirror is protected with varnish, paint and protective film. The mirror is glued into a mass-dyed, moisture-resistant MDF board.

Price:  2 092.02

Origin: Poland
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