The studio where you can find the artist in yourself

She belie­ves that the objects and inte­riors we like reflect the per­so­na­li­ty we have. Agnieszka Śniadewicz-Świca, resto­rer and art histo­rian, foun­der of Square Drop, belie­ves that par­ti­ci­pa­tion in cre­ating your spa­ce is the way to find the artist in your­self.

In her work­shop in Milanówek, the smell of beeswax and wood is rising. Great care is being given to resto­re pre­cio­us, histo­ric objects, such as trunks from Louis Vuitton, as well as fur­ni­tu­re sim­ply impor­tant for its owners.

The idea of Square Drop is to express per­so­na­li­ty thro­ugh objects. Agnieszka com­bi­nes dif­fe­rent solu­tions to cre­ate sur­pri­sing and har­mo­nio­us things with modern inte­riors. Just as the name – Square Drop, which is a uni­que ele­ment that distin­gu­ishes us in an ordi­na­ry world.

The stu­dio began with the pre­se­rva­tion of works of art, coope­ra­ting with anti­qu­arians from vario­us cor­ners of the world – from Copenhagen to New York. Now, using her know­led­ge, she also cre­ates new fur­ni­tu­re using tra­di­tio­nal tech­no­lo­gy and pre­cio­us mate­rials.